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New member. Hopefully someone can help me out.

My son was driving our 2012 Ct200h (no indication of any issues for some time) and got a blowout. He pulled over on a dangerous/narrow part of the freeway and called a tow truck. He turned on the hazards, left the keyfob on the mat, and had someone pick him up. The tire shop the car was towed to looked at it the next morning. they said they couldn't start it. I'm guessing it was because the hazards drained the battery (the keyfob was left in the car this whole time also). They tried charging the battery but still could not get the car to start.

You press in the brake (green light comes on on power button) and press the power button, all of the lights on the dashboard light up but the ready light never turns on. The car doesn't start.

Aux 12v battery - I have read many forum posts that point to a bad battery. The battery is a Lexus battery manufactured 9/2019. I brought the battery home and put it on my AGM charger overnight. It charged to 100% according to my charger. I reinstalled the battery and it still won't start. Dash lights all turn on but the ready light never turns on. I took it out again and had the local auto parts store test it both with a portable tester and a bench tester with a longer term test and both showed that the battery is good. Still it won't start. Dash lights turn on but no ready light.

Reset hybrid system - I reset the hybrid system by pulling the orange fuse and the white wire in the fuse box, left it for over 10 minutes, and then reconnected everything. No change. Still won't start.

What else could I try to see if I can get this car started again?
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