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Hi, I'm new to the forum but have been viewing for a while now learning about the car and all your thoughts and experiences before I ordered one. I took delivery of my CT200 last week. Really impressed so far and as every day goes by I seem to find a new menu or feature which is great :)

I have a quesiton though and not sure if the US spec is different from here in UK so please bear with me......

Is there any way to adjust a setting to allow the indicators to flash 3 times with only a partial tug/pull of the indicator stalk? I had this in my previous car (Volvo XC60) and it was great for changing lanes etc. I havent found the answer in the manual or menus and wonder if it is possible.

Any help/views appreciated.



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Well for us in the US, it's all or nothing, meaning we don't have a partial flasher stalk like you would have, for example, in a BMW. I know BMW has this option because physically, they made it so you could hold it down partially and release it and it would flash the turn signal x3 to signal a lane change. Unfortunately, this is unavailable on the Lexus CT 200h because the flasher stalk doesn't have a partial position. It is either OFF or ON.

I don't even think this option is available on other Lexus models either, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
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