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Please, please, don't turbo your CT.

I have been running forced induction for years, from a 400 WHP Evo VIII I built up myself to my current 2011 Subaru WRX. I speak with years of experience when I say that it can't be done without literally changing the entire system. The electronic system alone is intimately tied into the hybrid technology. Adding a turbo will not only add torque, but it will completely change the profile of the engine management system. Far, far more goes into changing something into a FI setup and this platform is not designed for it and would not function with it. If this car were not a hybrid with the associated technology, then it would definately be possible to turbo the naturally aspirated, internal combustion engine. Slapping a turbo onto this car will completely bypass the function of the electric engine, rendering it useless.

Besides, unless you use an AccessPort or some type of personalized engine management system, you can easily blow the internals of this seemingly unrated engine. Oh yeah, then you will have to upgrade the transmission, power delivery system, fuel pump, fuel rails, injectors, oil cooling system, and much much more. Lastly, you will have to work out every day to manage the insane torque steer that will accompany your new turbo'd hot hatch. It's just so far beyond practical...
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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