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Hey all!

I understand this is probably an unusual post, but I'm having the hardest time deducing what could be causing these marks on my steering wheel. I have about 3 of these marks (all similar in size and shape) that have developed at different times since I took ownership of the vehicle some years ago.

The marks in the picture happened last night. I remember pretty much how the night went. Nothing out of the ordinary. I'm the only driver. I don't wear any jewelry, including a watch. I don't usually hold anything "sharp" in my hands when I'm actively steering. My keys are unlikely the culprit too as I clip them to my belt loop on my side. My fingernails wouldn't do this either. Ha.

This issue is killing my head on this. I can't come up with any ideas!

Any ideas, fellas?

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I had similar marks on my steering wheel, turned out it was from my pocket knife I kept clipped to my front right pocket on my pants. Also, if you have something in your pocket that has something of a sharp edge, possibly a phone, I might make that mark.
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