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Can Anyone Help With This Rattle Sound Mystery?

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Well, I had no luck at the Toyota dealership and they wanted $500 to diagnose the problem (via removing panels) so I thought I’d try my luck here. I’ve owned my Ct200h since 2011. I took the car in for an alignment and Lexus airbag recall one weekend last year and now there has been a consistent rattle sound in my brake area. It happened after I did these two services and, unfortunately, neither place claimed responsibility. The sound almost sounds like it is coming from under the vehicle and as if something is left loose inside. About 90% of the time when I am accelerating from a full stop at a red light, I hear this ball rolling and it is very annoying. It sounds like a spray paint bottle being shaken. I am hoping someone has faced something similar or knows what is going on?

Nothing is wrong with the car but I was wondering if anyone had any idea what panel I can possibly remove to get rid of the rattle sound. This happened after an alignment and Lexus airbag recall.

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Possibly be something rolling around on the engine undertray?

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Hi Stormchaser, thank you for replying. I am going to borrow a lift and try to see if I can see anything under the car. I think that is what you mean right? It almost feel like something is in the gas pedal area. ugh
There is a shield underneath that helps with aerodynamics and protects the engine compartment that can be taken off. There are a few screws and the rest are those snap in/out tabs
Exactly as KKM stated yes. Could just be (hopefully) something just rolling up and down in the tray.
Good luck.

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thank you! is this something I can do myself? can someone give me basic instructions on how I can access that panel? or does the car need to be lifted. thanks in advance
You can do it with ramps or jack stands.

i uploaded a video.. it is not very obvious in the video but you can hear it well in person
only happens during acceleration and stopping. sounds like something is dropping or bouncing around.
sound can be heard at 1:48 (dropping noise), 1:53 (bouncing noise), 2:31 (drop noise) 2:33 (drop noise)

very frustrating and mysterious. i havent had the chance to check the shield yet
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