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They're playing everybody's favorite game, Fun With Numbers.

The first trick is that they're comparing very different kinds of vehicles. a 4-door sedan and a passenger van (a mini-van in the US?), to the Prius. Of course the overall cost of ownership is going to be very different.

One of the key numbers for a hybrid is what they call "Annual operating costs (variable)," which includes gasoline and maintenance.

$4704 Cruze
$6288 Grand Caravan
$2944 Prius

As you can see, not even close.

Even if we were comparing non-hybrid cars in our own class, the fact is that we paid a premium because it's a Lexus and a hybrid. :D So, overall "expenses" will be more because they include the cost of the car, and driving expenses will be lower.

There are obviously people here who are smarter than I am (ie, almost all of them :rolleyes:), but that's how I'm reading it.
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