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Buzz from regenerative breaking

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Anyone else getting a buzz sound occasionally when coming to a stop? I get it once in a while if I am breaking pretty hard, then let up on the break right before I stop. Dealer said they couldn't find anything wrong with the regenerative breaking. It just started after I hit about 8k on my odometer.
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I think they should just ask pedestrians to get their heads out of their orifices and pay attention.
Let me start by saying I am not in favor of the pedestrian warning system, and I am glad that I have a 2011 that doesn't have it. However, your comment is very insenstitve. The warning system is aimed to help blind people that count on the noise of the engine to know if a car is coming across the street. If you were blind I certainly wouldn't say that you have your head stuck anywhere...
Here's some info for you to read. The National Federation of the Blind lobbied hard for this technology. I assume they know more about what blind people want than you do. Acording to this article, this technology also benefits small children, the elderly, runners, cyclists, and other pedestrians.

But hey, I'm not blind and like I said, I'm glad that I don't have it on my car. If I did I'm sure I would be disabling it.

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1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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