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Buzz from regenerative breaking

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Anyone else getting a buzz sound occasionally when coming to a stop? I get it once in a while if I am breaking pretty hard, then let up on the break right before I stop. Dealer said they couldn't find anything wrong with the regenerative breaking. It just started after I hit about 8k on my odometer.
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This is exactly what they told me, but it is NOT acceptable! Passengers in a Lexus should never be freaked out by a sound coming from your breaking system! The factory recommended a double flush of the breaking system, to try to eliminate the sound. I would expect this sound from a cheaper brand; but with a luxury brand, strange noises like this are unacceptable.

I will let you know if the double-flush fixes the noise.
Your passengers are freaking out? Lmao

Are you driving your grandma and her friends around town? Nothing will fix the buzz, nothing. It's called a hybrid.

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