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Hi all,

Hey - love my CT so far - but...

One thing I think we got "cheap-ed out" on is the lighting, both exterior and interior.

I looked around to find some reference on bulbs - I collected what I could, and figured someone else could benefit from the info.

Below is the Lexus Part Number, Reference Number, Quantity, Description, wattage and bulb number of all the bulbs I know of in the car.

I've already replaced the headlights and foglights (headlights with HIDs, fogs with halogens that are "whiter" than stock, as they looked pretty yellow next to the HIDs).

If you see errors or have other comments, they are welcome. My next plan is to replace the interior lamps (Map/Dome/Rear Cargo/Vanity) with LEDs and replace the license plate lamps with LEDs too. I'm not going to replace the high beams, turn signals or backup lamps, as they aren't on all that much, and I don't know if the turn signals need a resistor pack / relay to function correctly. I'll need to take a look at the exterior mirror one too and decide if it's worth the hassle too.

Like I said - hope it helps!

00234-00192 81260C 2X Map Lamp 12v 5w T3-1/4 (194/168)
90981-14011 81240B 1X Dome Lamp 12v 8w 3022
00234-13050 81250B 1X Rear Cargo Lamp 12v 5w 3022
90981-11062 81340B 2X Vanity Lamp 12v 8w T3-1/4 (194/168)
00234-00192 81880G 2X Outer Mirror Lamp 12v 5w T3-1/4 (194/168)
90981-13084 81110B 2X High Beam Headlamp 12v 65w H9
90981-13085 81110D 2X Low Beam Headlamp 12v 55w H11
90981-15024 81510C 2X Front Turn Signal Lamp 12v 8w 7443 (Amber)
90981-13075 81210B 2X Fog Lamp 12v 55w H11
00234-00192 81270B 2X License Plate Lamp 12v 5w T3-1/4 (194/168)
90981-15021 81550L 2X Rear Turn Signal Lamp 12v 21w 7440 (Amber)
90981-11059 81550N 2X Back Up Lamp 12v 18w 921/T13

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Thanks man, I'll need this to get LED's for my interior once my CT arrives in July.

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I'll be changing some of my interior lights too - just like I've done with previous cars in the past.

One thing really bothers me though. If this car is supposed to be all about 'green', then why weren't LED lights used in all the interior lights as well? Just seems to make sense?

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Anyone managed to change that tiny festoon bulb in the trunk? I have looked on the web but the only 28mm versions seem to be coming from Hong Kong and neither the sellers or the product seem to be reliable.........
Well got my festoon to fit with a little DIY, you need to bend the end the unit that does not have the switch on it, didn't want to do anything at that end just in case something snapped, then it was just a case of straightening the connetors so that they would fit into the plug and away she goes! Switch is slightly stiffer but I am not too bothered about that, had the same unit on my IS250 and I don't think I ever switched it off.

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Gleaned from another thread on this forum, I saw where a lot of people here are ordering this package that includes a lot of what you're looking for: Tony's Luxurymods

haven't ordered it yet, but probably will soon. Hope that helps.

The thread I got this from (on this forum) is here.

I don't have any connection with by the way.
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