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Can the group help me by seeing if your CT200h behaves like mine? I'm trying to understand whether this is a feature (though what value it would have eludes me) or a glitch -- i.e., a short or software-design flaw.

The other night I took my first extended night drive. The blue light at the top center of the dashboard that is present in any mode but Sport (when it changes to red) regularly went out under moderate or greater acceleration, though not under gentle pressure. The light came back on when I eased pressure on the accelerator and remained on until I re-applied the accelerator with moderate or greater pressure, when it went out again.

This occurred repeatedly over several hours. I stopped and started the car (a reboot!), and the behavior continued.

It did not occur when in Sport mode, when the blue light turns red. It occurred in both Normal and Eco mode. I did not test EV mode. The rest of the dash lighting always remained on. So did the blue LED shining downward onto the center console and all other lighting.

There appeared to be no correlation to overhead streetlights being brighter or dimmer as the blue light went on and off. I couldn't find any other external correlations either.

Any corroboration would help me determine my next step: resignation to the situation or a trip to the dealer. This isn't a big deal, but the light coming on and off was distracting, and of course I want the car to function properly.

Many thanks for any help.
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