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2012 ct200h with about 132xxx miles on it. Recently the engine started studdering on start up and when accelerating from stop. Took it to south bay Lexus and was quoted at $4500 to fix. Didn't go through with repairs and decided to take my vehicle to car care automotive. Car care informed me that the head gasket is blown. Still waiting for repair estimate. Has anyone had this issue with their ct200h?

P.s. coolant leaked into cylinder 1. Codes P0300 0301 & 0302.
I also found a used engine for $1980 with no issues and have someone who can install it for $900. Thinking that will be my best option, any opinions/advice would be great.
Don't go to the dealer (RipOff!)
Marin Lexus service said about $3500, sales manager jerk said about $7000 (what does he know??) Indy mechanic quoted $3500-4000. I used in NorCal. Met them in SF where they service a taxi company's Prius'...$1550. Runs like a dream. Should be a recall from the manufacturer. 😠
1 - 1 of 18 Posts