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I am so bummed out. I have to replace my 2013 Ct engine. 2 weeks ago, when I started it, there was a horrible knocking noise. This came as a surprise, as it was fine the day before. I had it towed to Lexus. I was told that there was no oil in the engine and it needs to be replaced.
1. No warning light came on
2. I had an oil change recently ( within the 5K scheduled maintenance)

I was quoted a price of $6960.35 to replace the engine with an engine with around 92K miles ( about the same as what I have). I almost had a heart attack!

I decided to do a little research and was rewarded with a treasure trove of information.
I am attaching the main bit. I've also added the websites if anyone wants to look for themselves.

High Oil Consumption
If the loud braking noise has the number one spot on this list, then the very high oil consumption of the 2011 – 2013 model has to be in second place. The problem here is the design of the 2ZR-FXE engine. This is the same engine used in some generations of the 2010 – 2014 Prius.
Owners report that they have to add 5 quarts of oil between oil changes. This also results in owners running out of engine oil on longer trips, resulting in overheating of the engine and severe engine damage.
Owners of the CT200h have reportedly been told by Lexus dealers that this is regular oil consumption. However, Toyota did issue a technical service bulletin for these engines. However, they only did so for the ones installed in the Prius and had the same problem.
Overall, CT200h owners were left hanging with an engine that uses an incredible amount of oil. The only solution here is to keep refilling the oil whenever you’re running on empty. Furthermore, this high oil consumption will result in more increased wear and tear, which means you’ll have to replace the engine at some point.

I called Lexus Customer engagement (1-800-255-3987) to express my concerns. I received a call back a few days later. Upon investigation, they have decided to help pay $1500 towards this repair. This is still coming out at $5460. This is a costly, and unnecessary repair.

Toyota had a class action lawsuit on this, but Lexus owners were not informed. Has anyone out there experienced this issue?

Please, Please call the number ( 1 800 255 3987). My brakes were covered 100% last year, even though my car was off warranty, due to the number of responses. If there are enough people reporting this, perhaps there will be better compensation.

Once fixed, I'm getting rid of the car because I cannot afford repairs like this. Bummer, big time!
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