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Blinker - Doesn't turn off

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Is it only my CT or is anyone else finding that the blinker doesn't automatically turn off unless you make a sharp turn? Even when I make a 90 degree turn, if it's a wide turn (like when there are multiple turn lanes), the blinker doesn't always turn off.

Is this something that can be adjusted at the dealership?
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I think the worst are people who leave their turn signals ON.
That's the problem. With the blinker being as quiet as it is, it's very easy to not notice that it didn't turn off by itself. So you end up inadvertently leaving it on for a while, until you do notice.
Bill, you don't notice the green flashing emblem on the dash while driving? (BTW - I'm not trying to be a wise guy w/ that comment).
It depends on how I'm driving. If I'm concentrating on mileage (which is how I'm currently driving), I'll have my eye on the instant mileage gauge most of the time and I'll notice it right away.

However, if I'm just driving with moderate traffic and there's no reason to keep an eye on the speedometer (which is how I drove prior to getting my CT, and will, in all likelihood, start driving the CT in a year or two), I might not notice the blinker for a quarter mile or so (which is too far to be driving down the street with blinker inappropriately flashing).
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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