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Black streaks on Rear After rain

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Aloha Y’all. Always getting black line streaks after the rain but the only place is down the rear, what do you think is the cause? (Recently washed car so this isn’t all that bad yet)

Also noticed on the inside top, the middle hole is missing the black plastic piece covering the hole is that supposed to be the case? What is that piece called?

Thanks everyone!🙏🙏

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Interesting. My 2016 with 30k miles has the same exact hole situation, even with the same dirt lol. I wonder if that's some sort of drain hole.

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And the black spots of dirt on the back are because you drove in the rain. Just doing it once will make it look like that (doesn't matter if you washed it). Mudflaps won't help, because it's the way the air comes over the back of the car.
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It's the design of the car. My 2002 IS300 did the spots on the rear bumper and trunk as well, but it had a spoiler. The whole back of the CT is a dead zone for air, all of the wetness gets sucked into that area, depositing all of the dirt. Only way to avoid it really is to not drive when it's wet lol
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