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Black CT200h LOADED for sale...

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I think I'm ready to unload my CT. Details as follows:

- Approx. 8k miles
- Premium pkg.
- Obsidian (Black) Exterior
- Black Leather Interior
- Navigation
- Premium Audio
- Remote Start
- Protective film for hood
- Tinted Windows
- F-sport springs
- F-sport sway bar
- Ash burl wood trim

Looks like it just rolled off the lot... it's been my baby for 3 months, but our personalities don't match!

Send your best offer and I'll provide photos.
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where are you living?
Nooo say it isn't so. hehe Wow, it really is loaded. ;-)
Can I ask where you got the F-Sport springs?
Where did u get the f-sport accessories? U order them from overseas? If so where? Thnx!!
May I ask a question?

When you say "our personalities don't match", what do you mean? The car is not fast enought? Not enought sporty? Not enought comfortable?

What's the kind of car you like?

I just ask to understaind better why you doesn't like the car.
Do you still have it? Asking price?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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