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My CT in my opinion handled as well as my 97 BMW Z3....
I like the CT even more than my Z3. Of course, I only had the 4 cylinder model in 1996, but it was roughly the same horsepower as my CT (138 for the Z3 vs. 136), and the CT feels somehow both zippier and smoother. Also nicer interior, more room, back window you can see out of :rolleyes:...but I still loved that Z3. I'm just loving this more.

My wife's father was a car dealer for over 30 years, and her first job was in the parts department. In our case with the CT, though, there was no negotiation to speak of. There were precisely three units that rolled off the boat. Two of those sold on the first day, and the second one was ours. The dealer didn't have any incentive to deal. The price was the price.

Which was the same case with the Z3, actually.

There are other cars we've bought where we did better than sticker on the price, for exactly the reasons you might suspect...but I have to confess, I like the trend of not negotiating I've seen with other cars of late. I'd rather not start a relationship by trying to put one over on each other. Best to keep the nonsense out of the way, and get to the good stuff as quickly as possible.

Worked especially well when getting underway with the daughter of a car dealer, too. ;)
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