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Best Sea-Tac parking for your precious CT200h

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I was obsessing over where I could park my two-week-old car near the airport. By accident I discovered the WallyPark garage on Int'l Blvd (SR99), south of the airport.

At least on the second floor, and maybe everywhere, it has fabric panels suspended from the top and bottom between each stall, to catch the doors of adjacent cars and keep yours ding-free. You can park yourself (no valet to worry about), and it's only $13 a day. Parking in an end space lowers the risk even more.

So I can return the $200 cover I ordered.

There's also a really good Thai restaurant named Mango right next door.

I have no connection with WallyPark. Just thought others might want to know.
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Interesting, haven't seen or heard of that before (panels in between spaces), must look weird, so it's like curtains in between the spaces? Can you grab a photo and share at some point?
Sure, next time I fly. That won't be for awhile, but I'll do it.
Sure, next time I fly. That won't be for awhile, but I'll do it.

Part of my reason for posting this is to alert CT drivers in other cities to check for such a thing there. Really gives peace of mind to us OC types.
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