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Hello All, I've posted quite a few times already, but each time I try to do this, I churn out a novel, so I abort!

So, here goes. I purchased mine on March 3rd and so far, so good! I initially saw the CT200h purely by chance in early February while working on my HD antenna system. I was checking out reception quality and looking for data errors, so I backed up into the Tivo buffer to watch what I'd missed while on the roof. In the buffer was a weekend news new car segment on the brand new CT200h! I had no idea that the car even existed before that. It was exactly the hybrid I'd been looking for. Before the CT, the only hybrid that I might have considered was the Prius, and I hated the new, more aggressive body style! Thank you, Toyota! That kept me from buying a Prius!

I then started to do research on the CT200h and decided that I wanted one! I was 6 years into my 10 year plan on a Scion xA; I still wasn't sure if I should do this, but when I discovered how much I could get for my 6 year old compact I thought that it was a good time to get into a nicer, MORE fuel efficient car. Now I just had to wait until March!

I went down to the dealer (Longo Lexus) to get some measurements on the cargo area and to see what they would give me for the Scion. I needed to move some large speakers that would just fit in the back of the xA and had to make sure that the CT could also accommodate them. It could, so I was in the clear!

I had already acquired a salesman to do the measurements, so we continued talking. I told him that I wasn't ready to buy yet! I still had to figure out the financial side of things. He was quite amiable and really wanted to "see if he could get me into a car" that night. I had arrived at 8:45pm, but we started going through color, interior and equipment choices. As it turns out, they really only had one equipment choice, with or without navigation. He said that ultimately, simplifying the options made it easier for customers to decide on a car. Going in, I wanted Starfire Pearl, 2 tone Nuluxe and a CD changer. They had about 12 of the first 16 they had received left on the lot. So, we started looking through the inventory. No match! Time to start looking at other choices. No Black! or other dark colors. Too hot in the sun and hard on the paint over time! Really didn't want all black interior either. Also too hot. I found very quickly that a certain exterior color pretty much always had the same interior color and the same other options. Initially, I didn't want NAV (I can read a map, thank you!), but when he inadvertently showed me how the NAV screen was the "command center" for the cars other systems I looked at him and said "Why didn't you mention ALL this other stuff?" So, we started looking through the cars WITH NAV. Still, having a hard time choosing! The salesman kept suggesting the Daybreak Yellow Mica! Besides the all black interior, it was a match for my wanted options. I sort of wanted LED headlights and seat memory, but they weren't "deal breakers". Still, I didn't know if I could "pull off" a color like Daybreak Yellow. I usually like my cars to be different and unique, however, and the Daybreak Yellow car was the closest match otherwise. I finally declared, "BE BOLD!" and went for it! I had never seen the car in sunlight! It took almost 4 hours, but at about 12:30am I drove off the lot in my brand new CT200h.

Nearly 5 months later, I have no regrets in my color choice! Recently at the car wash, in a sea of cars and SUV's that were all essentially "shades of gray"; white to black, and everything in between (silver is just "shiny" gray!), my car stands out as a golden beacon in the sun light! Everyone else can blend in. One of my neighbors came up to me and said, "I wish I had bought a car like yours! I got a white VW (Jetta?), every time I walk into a parking lot I have no idea which car is mine!"

Sorry All! It's still a novel, but at least it's done! :)
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