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I bought my CT200H in 2012 and it is now 2021. After 9 years, my battery has died. Through its lifetime the dome light inside was left on on separate instances over its 9 years and the car needed a jumpstart, total 3 times. The last time was the one that seemed to kill the battery last night. After jump starting the car, it seemed to run fine and i could drive on the highways. the next day, the car wouldn't start, the battery seemed to die again. Battery replacements estimate 4800$ now (inflation maybe?). In any case, battery replacement is definately a real thing to consider when buying these hybrids. I suppose Lexus and Toyota perfectly timed their warranty for batteries at 8 years as they knew that was near the lifespan of them anyways...
Well, are you talking about the 12 volt battery, or the hybrid battery? That price sounds like the hybrid battery, but leaving the dome light on would run out the 12 volt battery, which should be much cheaper to replace.
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