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I just got a 2012 Ct200 and have been researching a lot about battery life as I got a great deal on a used one. Consensus is that Prius battery failure is simply very, very rare, with many lasting well beyond 200,000 miles. The few instances of failure are often attributed to blocked cooling vents or ignoring lesser problems with the hybrid system which ultimately damage the battery.

Consensus also seems to be that the Ct200 will experience similar battery life because it is a Prius C under the hood, and uses the same technology. Is this a valid assumption? The Ct gets fewer miles to the gallon than the Prius C, presumably because of greater weight (630 lbs more) and larger engine displacement (.3 liters). The battery is also slightly larger. What effect might this have on battery life? Does the increased engine size mean the battery works less, or does the greater weight mean the battery works more?
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