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Hello Everyone,

Battery Life/Replacement Cost:
Out of curiosity, how long (yrs) does the battery last approximately when purchasing a brand new CT200h? I have been reading reviews about the lifespan on the Toyota Prius; battery life lasting up to 10 years+ and some do not require replacement yet.

When replacement is needed, how much does it cost to replace the battery?
If replacement is needed, is it worth it to get a battery replacement or to get a brand new car?

Gas Concerns:
Can you pump the car with regular gas? Or does it require you to use premium gas?
If you are always using the green-friendly type modes on the car, how long will a fill-up of gas last?

I am in love with this car but have quite a few questions as to how this car works. This will be my first time getting a hybrid. It'll be greatly appreciated if you could give me your most honest opinion! Much thanks!
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