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I have a 2015 base model and want to upgrade all the suspension parts to f-sport ones.
Has anyone done that previously?
I know part numbers and parts are hard to get. So I’m doing my research before I start getting stuff. I haven’t gotten very far. From what I've red the black and blue parts are different. The blue are stiffer. I'd want all blue F sport parts.

Here’s what I have so far:
Lowering Springs: PTR07-77110 Lexus Parts Now
Front Strut: 48510-76150
Front Shock Absorber Set: 48520-79385 (?) Lexus Parts Now
Sway Bar set: ptr07-76130 & 76111 (discontinued) Lexus Parts Now
Rear Stabilizer Sway bar: 48812-21070 (?)
Rear Shock Absorber: 48520-79275 (?)
Rear Shock: 48530-79175

Do I need a new dampner suspension tower?
Let me know if I'm wrong or what I’m missing. Thanks!
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