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Base audio vs. "Premium Audio" ??

Hey everyone. I'm a new member but I've been reading threads on the site for a while. I am getting ready to order my CT200h (super pumped) and I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on a question.
I noticed there is no ML option for the CT, and the "Premium Audio" is an option, as opposed to other models where the premium is the base. I guess my question is: is there a huge difference in base and "premium" for the CT? I drive a TSX with premium audio now. Am I going to be disappointed if I don't go with the premium audio package? I mainly use my Ipod via the aux jack.
Just trying to see if the extra grand is worth it when I can't really find any information on the base system. Is the console the same with the base and the premium? I only noticed a difference in nav vs. non-nav pictures online. Can anyone help?
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