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I'm definitely concerned about this as well. My wife and I don't yet have children but will probably start trying later this year. I'm hoping there is enough room to fit one rear facing child's seat, a stroller, and a few small suitcases so that we can take the 40+ mpg CT on trips instead of my 22mpg '10 4Runner all the time*. My wife and I are both 5'8" and slim, so the seat space in the back is pretty good when adjusted for us in the front seat.

I like the Prius and Prius V well enough, but I really love the interior of the CT.

*Our other car is a MINI Cooper S that my wife is in love with and refuses to sell, so that doesn't help our child-toting situation.
You will not get a stroller AND a few small suitcases in this car without folding the rear seats:mad:
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