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Awful blue interior first shots!!

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I love it!!!!! NICE!!!! :)
Hmm, I'm not so sure about that look for me, but if it works for you, enjoy!
It's all about the customizing. Have fun with it.
the door panel looks decent but why does the seat look so worn and cheesy?
Pretty sure those are recycled seat covers from a '73 Vega.
OMG.....that blue was in my 86 tercel.....when I first started driving.
Hmm looks a lot like the first gen STi we got in the states.
I saw this interior in some China debut pics. I think it is only for that region. Sweden has a black with red insert. It looks pretty terrible as well. I think the US options are ideal for something as classy looking as the CT.
There are something like 5 different interior fabrics for the CT in Japan with several different colors of each. There are also different paint choices too.
Looks like "Alcantara"

High quality fabric - synthetic suede

Audi, along with other mfgs, offers this as an option across it's range of vehicles.
You're right, that blue reminds me of the blue exterior of my brother's Vega back in the 70's. SO I bet the interior was that color too! The one that lived long enough for the dealer to give him a trade in on. Papers all signed, Steve gets into his new car and the dealership was torqued because they couldn't get the Vega started up again.
I love the alcantara look!
I wonder what options will come to the US? The black and red option sounds pretty nice, actually!
Black and Red is a UK option too.
I wonder if it changes to red in sport mode :rolleyes:
I wonder if it changes to red in sport mode :rolleyes:
Imagine if DRL LEDs changed to red, now thats the dark side of green.
LOL A SCT's red comment!!.....Sorry kids but I think that blue looks absolutely horrible! The CT is so very classy as it is, sporty too, but not the 18 year old crazy sporty.....just my 2 cents, sorry if I offended anyone!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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