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As a few of you know, I just got this set less than a few weeks ago. I work for a wheel company, so I get the luxury of swapping different wheels out and also configuring the perfect fitment .

Avant Garde M240 Gloss Silver w/ Machined Lip
18x9 +38 Front
18x9 +25 Rear
Falken PT-722
TPMS Installed
Nitrogen Air Filled
Road Force Balanced

This setup is pretty much mint! Little to no wear on the tires (600 miles) and no damage on the wheels. Tires are Ultra-High Performance All-Seasons, with a long tread life and a quiet ride. They are quiet and handle in a very predictable nature both in dry and wet weather.

Fitment is pretty much perfect for those looking for an aggressive fit, while keeping it daily driver friendly. It has a mild stretch but is still within manufacturers recommended specs, as I didn't want to sacrifice performance and safety over looks. The offsets are custom staggered to accommodate the wider rear, therefore no spacers are needed. My car is lowered on Megan coilovers at a fairly low height and I did not need to roll the fenders.

More pictures coming soon.

Asking $1600, located in Los Angeles, CA. Can ship.

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