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Just pulled the trigger last week and purchased a '12 Lexus CT 200h CPO with 24k miles. I traded in my 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche. What a change!! :joy:

I've always considered myself a gas conscious driver. In the truck, I would coast as much as possible and got the max out of it. Just about 16 mpg highway and 12 city.

My first drive home from the out of state dealership was 340 miles. I did the round trip in one day so I must admit, I floored it up the mountains averaging about 85 mph. End result was 38 mpg, not great, but nothing about 85 mph is fuel efficient! Since then I've fueled up twice with Current at 46 mpg. That's with 50/50 city/highway driving. I keep it on Eco, but floor it to accelerate, then coast as much as possible. Seems to be working and I feel I'm commuting faster than my 360 HP Avalanche so for me its an upgrade on all levels!

Also, I'm 6'6" and am surprisingly comfortable in such a small car. Again, we're comparing it to a truck/SUV but it's more comfortable for me than the Avalanche. I have about 2" of headroom left with the seat in the most comfortable position.

The funniest part is all the extra space in the garage. I added two leftover cabinets and went to Lowe's for a 72" countertop. I flipped two houses with the Avalanche so bringing home large objects is second nature. But the CT 200h made me hesitate. :joy: I paused and folded down the seats, then measured the trunk. Then had a good laugh at my poor planning. But have no fear, it stuck out about a foot so I tied down the trunk and off we went. Of course some things won't fit, but thats a pretty good start!
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