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Ash Wood/Graphite dash panels?

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Has anyone installed the ash wood or graphite dash panel in their car? I have a black interior... wanting to see how it will look. If anyone has pictures, OR has those color panels installed with their cars please post! I'm really interested in purchasing but want to make sure I choose the right color. :) I have the Starfire Pearl exterior.

Thanks in advance!
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get bamboo...can't go wrong with it
The Mat Brown Ash Burl will look great with the black interior and Starfire Pearl exterior. I have black interior and love the Mat Brown Ash Burl. Sorry I don't have any pictures at this time.
Guys i want to say that my dad brought to my attention that it gets cold in my garage. I'm just wondering, should I be worried about my ash wood drum set? what should i do??
I too have the Ash burl and think it looks great. I too have no pictures - sorry
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