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Are you waiting for lower body mouldings and stainless steel bumper protector?

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If, like me you are waiting for these then we might have a wait..............

I have been told that they are on 'stop sale', this includes all F-sport parts, device holder and the items in the title.

I cannot get any fixed delivery time, websites are showing June but we might have a longer wait than that.............
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Still waiting..... The website shows 06/30/11 for the Door Sill. My F-sport wheels do not have an updated ship date. ;-( Geeeeeezzzz
Hey Gurl...The F Sport wheels are nice but I got to tell you...I have never had a car with factory rims I like as much as the CT200h...the factory 17" rims look awesome..especially when they are just cleaned on my black car and the tires shine like the paint...lovin' it!
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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