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Anyone with third party remote starters such as Viper?

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I had a 2006 IS250 awd, thought about getting viper, but i had some mixed reviews on this remote starter. Mostly bad. 1. depends on location the radio coverage of the viper starter sucks due to AT&T service towers. 2. quite a few maintenance down problems with the app on the phone prob. viper's service? idk 3. paying monthly/yearly for service is ridiculous.

all in all, i'm thinkin about getting factory remote starter by lexus. i'm aware of the short range, but i think it's more reliable and adds value to the car if i end up trading it in or selling it.

But i'm wondering if there are any other third party remote starters worth recommending for the CT200h?
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So you're talking about a Viper remote starter that includes the starter option from the Iphone? I've used viper remot starter/alarms in prior cars (not with the phone option though) and have NEVER had any issues.

I went with the factory starter in my CT, given how new the CT was, I didn't want some shop messing up my car. The one drawback is the car shuts off when you approach it/unlock it and I'm told you can't change this setting. Though probably not a big deal, as the gas engine turns on/shuts off all the time when driving.
how much did they charge you to install the lexus factory remote starter? i was told $250 not including the fee's.

How much did you pay after fee's and such?
Mine was $375 total, installed at the port I believe.
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