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Anyone with NOTTO SE HID Kit from

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I'm lookin' to get the Notto SE HID kit from

Just thinkin bout gettin the 5000k H11 ones.

I just want to hear peoples reviews, opinions, suggestions and such if they are worth getting, or is there a better brand etc etc.

Let me know, thanks.

link is below.
NOTTO® SE - Complete HID Conversion Kit - 2011 Lexus CT HID Kit - Notto SE 3-ST-NT-XXXX
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Never heard of that brand, but a lot of members have purchased DDM Tuning kits and have been happy with them, myself included. Had them on my previous car (Acura RSX) and never had any issues with them. Check them out here:

HID Kits, BMW Aftermarket Bumpers & Lighting, DEPO - DDM Tuning
Well they do say they're DOT compliant which is a totally misleading statement. Bulbs are DOT compliant but installing them in non-HID housing is not...

But I just don't like misleading marketing. They're prolly ~ as good as others you would get.
+1 on the DDM Tuning ones. The brand you posted only has a 1-year warranty and DDM Tuning offers a lifetime warranty.
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