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Anyone used a CT200h to power a heating appliance during power outage?

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So, we have a big storm coming to New England tomorrow until Thursday, could be 6" to 2 feet. And, the winds will be up to 60mph. Heavy sticky snow and high winds lead to downed power lines and outages.

I was wondering has anyone used their CT200h to power anything other than iPods and iPhones? I have a pellet stove that replaces my oil furnace. It uses about 100 watts, typically, but 300 watts when it starts up for 10 mins. I was wondering if it would be possible to run my pellet stove from my CT200h if I lose power? Of course, I'm assuming I'd run it thru a quality inverter that people use for camping. Has anyone tried this? Does the car turn on when the battery gets low? I'm talking about the regular battery not the traction battery, or has anyone tried hooking up their traction battery?
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You guys must have seen these, but just in case you didn't. I found the videos to be pretty enlightening.

Video 1

Thanks, great video. It's a bit more than what I was thinking of, as it connects the Pure Sinewave inverter into the traction battery, which then powers some circuits on the breaker box. I've already got a 12k propane whole house generator that works well, but it sucks down the propane in a little over 3 days.

In a pinch, I was thinking about turning off the generator at night, when I only need heat, and just running my pellet stove, which uses 100 watts, continuous, and 300 watts on startup. Not much really. Heck, if I set the fan on low, it uses about 50 watts, continuous. My original post was wondering about using a Pure Sinewave inverter with the cigarette plug and providing enough watts to power the pellet stove. Seems like it would work, but I wanted to know if anyone else had tried it.
Now, I have'nt tried this so I'm guessing from what I've read what ppl have done with their priuses.

You will have to have the ignition on. The maximum continuous load for prius is said to be a little bit above 1Kw (1000 watt) - if you connect your 12v inverter directly to the 12v battery.
According to the manual you cannot use more than 10A from the power outlet. That's ~120W so it won't be enough for your needs.

So this is what I think you shold do

  • Connect the inverter with ignition off
  • turn on the ignition
  • turn off AC, lights and everything else
  • turn on the inverter
  • turn on the pellet stove

I'm in a similar situation, so if it works I'd like to know because then I will buy an inverter myself and set this up.
Well, I haven't tried it, it's only a thought because last Winter, during our Power Vortex, we had an ice storm which knocked out our power right before Xmas. I have a whole house backup generator that works great, but I may only have 5 days of propane. Last Xmas, I was without for 3 days, and had to have an emergency delivery of propane on Xmas day, extra surcharge. The problem is, I live on a dirt road that can be icy in the Winter, making it hard for a top-heavy propane truck to negotiate. So, I was wondering if I could stretch out the 5 days to 10 days by using my CT200h at night when all I need is my pellet stove for heat. Then I can turn on the generator in the morning.

As for the power, isn't 10Amps, equivalent to 1200 watts? That should be plenty, don't you think? Also, I'd use a Pure Sinewave inverter, as electronics may need it. Most pellet stoves require it as well.
I don't know why people risking their $35000 car's tiny 12v battery for cooking. You better off go get a cheap emergency power generator for home use.
One, I'm not cooking.

Two, I suppose a noisy $1000+ generator would work, but I already have a smarter generator in the carport, why not use it?

Three, the emergency power generator means another device that needs to be maintained. What happens when it doesn't start when you need it? I know my CT200h is working, every day.
Why are we awakening a dead post from March?

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I'm grateful that someone else was interested in the same topic, and I'm glad he did. I guess it was like Lazarus. Not quite dead.
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