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Anyone used a CT200h to power a heating appliance during power outage?

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So, we have a big storm coming to New England tomorrow until Thursday, could be 6" to 2 feet. And, the winds will be up to 60mph. Heavy sticky snow and high winds lead to downed power lines and outages.

I was wondering has anyone used their CT200h to power anything other than iPods and iPhones? I have a pellet stove that replaces my oil furnace. It uses about 100 watts, typically, but 300 watts when it starts up for 10 mins. I was wondering if it would be possible to run my pellet stove from my CT200h if I lose power? Of course, I'm assuming I'd run it thru a quality inverter that people use for camping. Has anyone tried this? Does the car turn on when the battery gets low? I'm talking about the regular battery not the traction battery, or has anyone tried hooking up their traction battery?
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Eeeh, why would you risk your car by doing this? I'd be interested to know if you have some knowledge on this. And by the way I'm the hacker type which means I like to use tings in a creative way it was not intended for. That mindset is the reason I could afford this car to start with anyway...
And by the way it's not about cooking, it's about warming your house and where I live (fairly close to the polar circle) it could potentially be a life/house saving hack if the power went out in the winter when there can be -22F/-30C for days some very cold winters...

my95tsi, if you don't like the thread, just dont read it instead of just adding negative nonsense to it. I would be interested to hear if KenC suceeded or not thats why!
The Japanese models function as an emergency generator I've read. You might research that a bit. Can't remember the details myself. Cheers..
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