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I might be picking up JDM headlights. One of the reasons for this is one I want the side clear reflector and two I'm doing a projector retrofit to my existing headlights so I'd be taking the guts out of the headlights anyways...

What I am not sure about is about the JDM/EU headlights. In the US our reflectors are orange and we have amber LEDS behind that. Do the JDM/EU market also have amber leds behind the clear sidemarker or is there nothing there? However, if the actual headlight doesn't have the amber leds behind the reflector then my first plan is sending my orange reflectors out to be made in clear. But I figured if getting JDM headlights saves me a step or two and time then even better.

Note I am specifically asking for the NON LED version of the headlight.

US Spec looks like this:

View attachment 61828
At night:
View attachment 61827

EU/JDM: Notice clear reflector but for the life of me I can't find a night picture of anything illuminated there?
View attachment 61829

Can anyone that's not from the USA confirm if their clear sidemarker has leds behind it or if anything gets lit up that is circle?

Mine's a JDM here in Australia. Absolutely nothing there mate. Just a clear reflector.
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