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Hey all, just a quick introduction I guess . . . have had an IS300 for 8 years (still can't believe I owned one car that long). Loved the IS, and still do, but have been looking for a replacement for a year or so, so was pumped when I saw the CT200h. My dealership finally got a couple in last thursday and I went and drove it and it confirmed my excitement. I "bought" one that night. The only problem is that it is still in Japan and I will have to wait a few weeks before it gets here. Went with white (black/black interior) premium with no packages. I think the one they found for me had the LED door sills (pretty sweet). I will probably have the F Sport lowering springs put on as soon as dealership can get them in (not out yet?). Anyway, I've got a LONG 3-4 weeks now while I wait! I'll enjoy reading about your experiences until then.
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