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anemic heater - normal?

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I'll start by saying I always have very cold feet in the winter, and there's a cold concrete floor under my desk at work, so I'm in the habit of blasting hot air on my feet to warm them up in the car on the way home.

When I got my 2014 CT a few months ago in the spring I found that the heater didn't work at all -- it blew cold air. It was a chilly 5 hour drive home from the dealership. I brought it to my local later that week and they found a code that indicated a connector in the dash was disconnected. When they fixed that the heater started working.

Fast forward to this month when it's getting pretty wintery in Chicago (~20F). I'm finding that the heater never really heats up my toes like my old Civic did. The car warms up to a comfortable level but I don't reach a point where I have to turn the heat down. Even towards the end of my 30 minute commute, if I put the temp to 'max' and put my hand in the foot well, the air coming out feels warm but not hot.

Is this normal behavior for a CT? If it felt this way on a traditional car I'd be suspecting the thermostat was sticking partially open, but I know the hybrid has more complex heating systems. I wonder if a stop & go 30 minute city commute is never allowing the engine to get up to a temp that would properly cook my feet?
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Thanks for your reply. Today I brought it to the dealer, who said the hoses weren't even hot to the touch after I drove there on the interstate, so they suspect there's a bubble or some other issue with the coolant. I'm bringing it back for them to investigate later this week so I'll report back.
Well, 3 trips back and forth to the dealer and calls with the service manager, and they say the heater is working as it should. The service mgr even drove me around and put a thermometer in the vents to show that hot air is blowing out, but my feet still didn't warm up on the drive. By contrast, the IS250 they loaned me while it was there blew incredibly hot air. I guess I'll just have to bundle up for my commute. ⎺\_(ツ)_/⎺
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