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Just adding to the knowledge pool here about an issue I had and solved.
Last month the info center in the gauge cluster told warned my key fob battery was funning low. the next day I went on a 5h road trip. towards the end of the road trip my gauge cluster lit up with every warning light in connection to brakes and traction control, and the cruise control stopped working.
I tested the brakes and cycled the ebrake hoping that was it. took a 20 min pit stop, and the issue went away for about 30 min. still the brakes were working fine.
The next day I drove around for a bit and nothing has changed, things are still all lit up.

That night I changed the key fob battery and the lights went away, and cruise control works again. Its been a month so far and the lights haven't returned. Thinking Lexus designed it this way to make people change their key fob, service center or otherwise.
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