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Been car shopping for weeks.Was sold on the prius for it's mileage and had one in transit.Fortunately,my in-laws bought one before mine arrived.After driving theirs for a few days,I had decided this car is way to uncomfortable to drive for my 75 min commute.

So, the hunt begins again.It's tough finding a car for my 6'4" 240lbs frame to fit comfortably.
After,trying the Honda civic hybrid,Kia Optima hybrid,chevy cruze,Hyundai sonata and then the lexus ct200h ,we have settled on the Ct200 being the car for me.

I wont be picking it up till monday or tuesday,but we have the starfire pearl with black leather with all options.
Your list of evaluation cars was pretty similar to mine :D Congrats on your choice. It ended up being an easy decision for us.
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