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Hi all, recently purchased the new aftermarket dash kit for the my lexus ct200h 2016 and I'm having some problems with installation and wiring for the backup camera. Lexus CT 200h Radio Replacement Upgrade with Aftermaket Navigation - Professional blog for car DVD GPS head units , this is link to it, although the one I bought is off ebay it has all the correct parts. For the installation the head unit, does someone have a picture of how the brackets should look on the radio? Because I believe my bracket placement is wrong if it does not fit. I also do not know how to install the stock amp to the head unit it's pretty much just laying on top right now, do you use the stock part from the stock radio or? And for the backup camera all i have labeled is the rear wire and I wired it together to the red positive wire but if i keep that wired together it blacks my screen. Does anyone know which wires need to be together for the wireless transmitter for my rear view camera to my head unit because I got so frustrated I just started putting wires together and had to go buy a new 7.5 mini fuse because it blew. Help please I have a car in only name right now because the rest of it looks like it got robbed.
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You probably figured this out by now. But you may need to post pictures for someone to help. The brackets should be straightforward (there's a left side and right side one. If they don't work then switch them). The stock telematics device should go on top and connect to the harness. I used velcro to secure it in place. As for the backup cam you want it to send a signal only when reversing. So it should be connected to the reverse signal. I don't know how the reversing signal is sent from a wireless one. But you may need to make sure the signal side of the camera is connected to the power of the reverse taillight (not the license plate light). Because the reverse taillight only goes on when reversing which tells the radio to display the backup cam. With a wireless, it needs to have power and also detect when reverse is triggered, so you may want to check that. But honestly, if you are able to install the radio, you may find it easier and better to install a wired backup cam.
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Wait what?? You have to take part of the original stereo system and velcro it to the new system? Why in the world would you do that?
The brackets made for the Android units don't have mounting holes for the telematics unit which sits above the original stereo. It seems not all versions of the CT200h have the telematics. So since there are no brackets, an easy way is to buy Velcro strips from the $1 store to hold the telematics unit in place. Not a big deal. Tape could work, but Velcro is so much easier to add/remove the telematics and has a strong hold. Alternatively, you may be able to drill new holes in the original brackets to adapt to the screw placement of the Android device.
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