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I have a 2015 CT200H base with a double din Kenwood radio. The steering wheel interface for the radio is a PAC interface module. I've been experiencing just weird issues with my steering wheel controls since as long as I can remember (many months, if not years). Sometimes the volume up button doesn't work at all, but the volume down will function. Today, the "Track Skip/Forward" button on the steering wheel was reversed and actually was now the "Track Back" button.

I restarted my phone and radio and the issue corrected itself for now. Originally I thought it was my phone, but this issue has happened on two different phones. It can't be the clock spring, as that was just replaced yesterday.

I contacted Kenwood months ago and they simply stated the radio can't be at fault here because all it does is "see" the signal coming from the steering wheel controls and then activates the appropriate function in the radio. They blamed the steering wheel PAC interface.

Has anyone had these issues?
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