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Adding a heated steering wheel

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I love my CT, but I traded for it, so I didn't get to choose options. The seats are heated, but not the steering wheel. I live in New England, it's my winter car, and I have very poor circulation in my fingers. So I want to add a heated steering wheel. I know it will be expensive, but I am ready to do it - if it can be done. Can it?
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Unlikely! Although if you go to a custom shop, with the right amount of money, anything can be done.
My plan would be to buy the heated wheel from Lexus, and then run 12 volts to it, with a switch in between. This assumes that it would takes 12 volts and not a stepped-down (or up) voltage or amperage. . .
Did you ever get anywhere with this? From what I understand all we need is new steering wheel with heated option, clockspring, and the button to turn it on?
Please search " Heated steering wheel retrofit" on this forum to see my walk through on how to do exactly what you are asking for.
Did... did you just reply to yourself?
No, the first post I was still trying to figure out how to make it work, the second post (A month later) was to the OP and anyone else that might run in to this thread
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