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2018 Headlights Installed

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These new 2018 headlights are just nasty! Very bright


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It looks like your attachments are broken. I definitely want to see the final result. Did you have the LED headlights already and just needed the new buckets or did you need the whole setup?
Wow those are bad ***. Much nicer than the older style LED strip.
Where did you get those? I'd love to do that mod. Did they fit right in as if you had replaced them with the same model of headlight?

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Looks awesome! Mind sharing where you got them?
What model are these from? Where can I get them?
I love when someone posts something awesome, shares no information, and then ghosts us...

I suppose it's good that we know it at least works.
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They are from face lifted CT's that every other country gets besides USA. You can normally find them used on Japan Yahoo Auctions. They do need a wiring harness and you will need to get a new shield for the bi-led projector since these are going to be RHD and the cutoff is going to be completely wrong for the US.

There is a set going on the FB groups for $1700.
I believe it uses a 2.5" koito projector. So you should be able to take the shields off any US Lexus that uses the UX and 3IS headlights.

I like how these look compared to the headlights we get and had I not started a projector retrofit I'd probably have gotten these. But I'm still happy with the route I'm going. This koito projector still doesn't match the rx-350 bi-xenon projector in width and distance.

Anyone know where to get a set of these headlights?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts