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2015 CT200h base silver lining
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Thanks for the pics! Looks awesome and seems to offer some visor effect for cargo space.
I was shopping around for the part and found it but the parts websites warn that it won’t fit my 2015 base. Do you think installing it on a non F Sport CT will be an issue?

I had some body work done my CT and they said they would install in as a freebie! I was originally quoted by a local Lexus Dealer to install for ~350. The body shop where i had some previous work done quote me 100. That 100 was waived because I did a bunch of other work as well.

Anyway, here is the link on sewell lexus:
2013 CT200h: Spoiler, F-Sport - Recommended Rear Spoiler Cover - 76892-76010Installation instructions not available. and
: Rear Spoiler Cover - ... with CL discount i think both items together are ~550. You need both pieces. You can xfer over your original LED brakelight to the new one.

Also, If you buy it here, it comes as 1 solid color, no black top like when you buy an OEM 2014 CT F sport. So when i got mine, it was all white, nothing to paint.

CAUTION: I got shipped 3 total spoilers. the first 2 came damaged because they burst thru the box. the 3rd one had to be custom packed by sewell themselves. The first 2 came from other places. Even the 2nd piece of the spoiler came slightly damaged, one of the tab guides broke off.

Here are pics of the newly installed spoiler.

The 2nd piece of the spoiler is this black covering thing on the bottom:

It appears just a bit bigger than the stock spoiler. it extends out about .5 to 1in, it def looks a lot better and more aggressive.
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