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2015 eminent white pearl
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Change fluids and maybe the starter battery. Brake pads should be fine unless driven in hilly areas. Change key fob battery. Download Dr Prius ($) and test the remaining life of the battery. Check tire pressure. Rotate your tires....

2012 Lexus CT200h Premium Navi
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I’ve owned a CT200h for about 7 years and 180k miles now. The PM regimen consists of:
Oil change: 5K mi
Tyre Rotation: 10k mi
Clean, lube, inspect Brakes: 15
Adjust Tyre Pressures: seasonally
ATF WS change: 75k mi
Spark Plugs: 100k mi
Coolant change: 50k mi
Engine Air Filter: 30k mi
Cabin Air Filter: 30k mi
Lube Hinges and Latches: 30k mi

As Needed:
Wiper Inserts: 6x in 180k mi (includes all 3)
Headlight bulbs: driver-side 4x in 180k mi, pass-side 6x in 180k mi
Horns: 3x in 180k mi (low and high tone)
Tyres: Michelin Premier A/S - 83k mi with 3/32” depth remaining (set 1), estimating 50k mi (set 2)
Dampers: 1x at 100k mi
Brake Pads: 1x at 130k (front with 4mm remaining with 2mm service limit)
Accessories AGM Battery: still on original
Suspension: replaced Endlinks at 100k mi when f-sport Swaybars installed otherwise original
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