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2012 vs 2013... unstated changes...

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I took my 2012 CT in today for the 5k mile service and some warranty work and received a 2013 ct200h fully loaded non-f sport. This is a completely different car in terms of comfort. I do not think it was mentioned in the list of changes but the suspension seems to be a little different and the seats are FAR more comfortable

The suspension seems to simply absorb bumps better... it isnt harsher... it might be a little softer. I think this would solve many of people's complaints about the suspension not being lexus like. I personally like my 2012's suspension more.

As for the seats, that is my main complaint about my 2012 CT. I love the bolstering but imho it was not done correctly in the upper part of the seat... it is too pronounced at the top of the seat in the shoulder area. This compresses my shoulders and gives me pain after sitting in the seat for more than 20 minutes. The 2013 has the shoulder area cut out. I am somewhat upset about this. I will take photos of both to visually compare them tomorrow.

If anyone has driven both a 2012 and 2013 back to back, please chime in on this.
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I got a 2013 CT as a loaner car when I had my 2012 CT in for service. For me, they feel exactly the same except for the NAV interface. I actually like the 2012 (old) plain icon interface better. The new one seems a bit clunky and too much animation. One thing I like about the new one is that it shows you the direction of travel on the compass at the corner. The old one you have to figure out by yourself using the north pointing needle.
I just a returned a 2012 CT200h loaner yesterday morning, and this morning I got ANOTHER 2012 CT200h loaner (although in a different color combo). Having recently purchased a 2013 CT200h F-Sports on 12/8 and NOT counting the F-sport cosmetic differences, I honestly cannot tell the difference between the 2 except for the center arm rest not being covered in leather on the 2012 and the missing thumb button on the NAV control on the 2013.

And manual front passenger side seats.
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