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Hey guys,

New to the forums. Could use a little help.

Was having what looked like an AMP issue. Same no volume issue with the radio I've seen on a few other threads, everyone pointed to the amp replacement.

Here's my problem with that, when disconnecting the amp, the radio/bluetooth/XM/etc. aren't even accessible, mouse either. It only displays the nav. So obviously some signal is being read from the amp to activate these things.

Anyway, I bought a used amp off eBay, same part number and all. Upon replacing the old one, I get similar conditions as if my old one was disconnected, i.e no amp condition. Maybe I bought a faulty one. But then is my original faulty to begin with?

Could there be some sort of programming I am missing? No one mentioned this on any other threads, figured it was a plug n play type deal.
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