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Just picked up a new DD and removed all the old stereo stuff from my CRV.
Vehicle is a 2012 CT 200H. Quiet, smooth, and great on gas....JUST what i wanted for my DD! (have the vette for performance)
Opted against the premium Mark Levinson Audio because of price, and I knew I wouldn't be happy with it. So here goes!

Head Unit: OEM, to retain the very clear hands free calling/steering wheel volume controls etc. Also retains factory Blue tooth audio, and can also connect via USB to charge my iphone and play music through it. As well as the OEM look, not much will be visible for thieves besides the MS8 display and tweeter pods.

Processing: JBL MS-8. First time using one, but i hear its pretty simple to use (autotune). I've set up with miniDSP before etc.

Front Stage: Bridged JL 300/4 for mids
Two channels of other 300/4 for Tweeters

Rear Stage: Remaining two channels of 300/4 for mids

Front Stage: (2) Peerless HDS 6.5" in Baltic Birch adapter plates for doors (Don't want kicks, I am a big guy and feel like my legs are bent enough already)
(2) Vifa XT25sc90 dual ring radiators as far forward as possible, mounted on axis in pods on dash.

Rear stage: (2) Peerless HDS 6.5" in Baltic Birch Adapter plates

Sub Stage: Dayton Audio Reference HO 15" Subwoofer. Ported 1/2" Baltic Birch cabinet, to keep weight down. Braced. (This is my DD, and a main requirement for purchasing the car was great gas mileage, don't need the extra weight of 3/4-1" MDF weighing me down!)

Vibration Dampening: Second Skin Audio Damplifier.
Second Skin audio Speaker Tweakers behind each driver
Second Skin Audio foam
No need for the MLV, as coming from my corvette with race exhaust and my CRV this thing is QUIET!!

Wire: Knuz 0 gauge from battery to dist. block, then 4 gauge to all amps.
Dayton Audio RCA Interconnects, gold plated.
Dayton Audio 16 gauge speaker wire for mids
Dayton Audio 18 gauge wire for tweeters/signal run from head unit to MS8.

Battery: Kinetik HC1400

Install will begin within the next two weeks. Some of the stuff is still on its way, can't wait to kick that Mark Levinson's premium audio *****!! :D

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