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I don't see any changes coming for the 2012 CT200h. Due to the earthquake the supply of 2011 models plummeted. Parts suppliers took the major hit. The last thing the designers are going to do is start with major design changes to the car. They are working hard just to fulfill the original targets. Maybe a color or 2 change but the car fundamentals should remain the same for a few years. Most Japanese cars have 5 year life cycle between major changes, and minor refinements in between. it will take a couple of years to get production back to pre Tsunami levels. A large part of the country got completely destroyed.

I wouldn't be too picky about every little detail and getting a custom vehicle. But that's up to you. Basically it comes down to a car with the Navigation system or one without. You can live with most everything else, except maybe that yellow color.

I bought mine a week after the earthquake from the dealer inventory as the devastation appeared very grim for regular car shipments and custom orders.

After 3 months I am very happy with the car. Mileage is close to 50 mpg. Car is very responsive. Nice sound. Sporty looking. Not a stodgy hybrid at all.

Starfire Pearl, Navigation, Nulux Black interior, Premium sound.
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