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Stab in the back? A bit dramatic, aren't we? Like I said before, the CT300h will probably be a more expensive model that will slot in above the CT200h just like the IS250 and the IS350 coexist. The 1.8L will still get better gas mileage. There really isn't any new tech on the 2.5L hybrid that doesn't exist on the 1.8L hybrid that magically makes the 2.5L more efficient. It will simply be another choice.
^^^^ What he said :)

41 US mpg is very good for a Camry, but the 51 US mpg we've been getting in our CT is better. :cool: Plus, in Canada the Camry Hybrid actually costs $400 more than the CT. :rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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