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2011 or 2012 decision

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Hey everyone,
So I have a decision to make and need some feedback from you. I have the option of either purchasing a used 2011 Matador Red CT with Caramel interior and 14,xxx miles for $23,990 or a 2012 Starfire Pearl CT with black interior with 16,xxx miles for $25,900. both cars have the same options, both one owner and clean carfax. The 2011 is at a VW dealership and the 2012 is a private sale. Just for the sake of argument let's say both cars are in the exact same condition.

Any thoughts? anything I should look out for?

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I would say that a years depreciation for $2,000 would lean me to the 2012, but not by much.
Either one is a good deal. I paid $26K for a CPO 2011 Premium without navigation about two months ago from my local Lexus dealer. It had 24,500 miles when I bought it.
well after much tought and how much I like a white hatchback (sexy) I'm going with the 2012. I'm having an inspection done on Thursday and if all goes well I hope I'll be the owner by the weekend!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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